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Camera Smart Alarm Clock

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Product Benefits

 Camera Smart Alarm Clock

  • mobile phone computer tablet global operation, real-time monitoring, not limited to distance..
  • you can use the phone, computer, tablet, monitor the device placed, wireless monitoring, remote operation, anti-thief Anti-theft.
  • the lens hidden in the table body, the human eye is unable to see, even in the shooting process without any reaction, security hidden.


  • built-in 12 super infrared night vision lights, to ensure that day and night are available.
  • WiFi connection network, automatic update time, no need to manually adjust.
  • never power, continuous shooting (the machine can be connected through the adapter in the 220V socket, the machine never power.
  • real-time monitoring, storage fast. (When using the phone to view the monitor, the machine will be stored in the video memory card memory, when using the computer to view, the machine shoot video will be stored in the computer hard drive inside.
  • automatic cycle, never stop (memory card is full, the system will automatically delete the earliest video files, to ensure adequate space to save the latest video files to ensure continuous video.
  • burglar alarm (motion detection is turned on, no one's home to detect the object movement, the machine will open the camera camera, and start the burglar alarm function, so you can go beyond thousands of miles to control the home changes.
  • motion detection, energy saving and consumption (open motion detection function, when the device detects the object movement, it will open from the standby state to the camera state, energy saving.
  • can be placed anywhere in the home, used as home monitoring use, watch appearance will not cause other people's attention.