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Scalp & Body Massager "Waterproof"

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Product Benefits

Scalp & Body Massager "Waterproof"

  • Shampoo Scalp Vibrating massage can help you solve all your Hair problems including Hair loss.
  • Clears dead skin cells and oil buildup on the scalp
  • Deep Cleaning and Stress Relieving for better night sleep 
  • Helps prevent dandruff
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps promote scalp health and hair growth
  • Deep-reaching bristles help clean braids, weaves and extensions
  • Pairs perfectly with your favorite shampoo and conditioner
  • Customize your routine with two vibrating modes
  • Gently stimulates your scalp or your body to make you feel relaxed & refreshed. 
  • Relieves tension & promotes a blood circulation.
  • Vibrates on the scalp or body to help stimulate the scalp gently.
  • 1Helps remove and prevent collection of shampoo residue.
  • The firm bristles aid your shampoo & other hair treatments/products into the thickest of hair!
  • Reduce bacteria and imitate scratching the scalp while avoid contacting your scalp directly with your nails.

You can use Wet or Dry!

  •  Wet:  While washing your hair, place shampoo onto your wet hair first and circle around into a lather. Turn the massaging brush on and start massaging slowly throughout your hair and scalp for 5-6 minutes. The High vibration frequency of the massage comb can vibrate on the scalp at several thousand times per minute stimulating your scalp gently and giving you a healthy state .
  • Dry:  Can be used as a massage comb when you're watching TV, lying down or relaxing. Ideal for leg massages too! Promotes detoxification.